Rubber band feat Dave Liebman

Rubber band feat Dave Liebman

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Feat Dave Liebman
« Romano did the right thing. He put together musicians who know how to get music together fast and make it happen in a concert setting. Without the presence of a chordal instrument, the bassist’s responsibility increases dramatically. Ares is a complete professional who knows how to interact and inspire a drummer. In this case with two iconic musicians, Adam Nussbaum and Daniel Humair sharing the load, the light was green all the way. Romano contributed some appropriate material and added his own unique voice. Although long standing groups of course have a chemistry that is palpable, when great musicians get together for a one or two night engagement, the level of inspiration can be very high as it was for these concerts. As well, the people are always warm and receptive in Italy, something that we all appreciate. I hope you enjoy our voyage. »
David Liebman

Le saxophoniste italien Romano Pratesi et son ami Ares Tavolazzi (à la contrebasse) ont été complices lors de concerts, enregistrés live en 2009, à Rome. Ce groupe existe depuis 2007 (avec D. Humair). C'est un vrai plaisir auditif d'écouter cette formation qui joue avec énergie et de belle manière une musique qui va de Coltrane à Ornette Coleman, en passant par Liebman et ses compositions originales.

The Italian saxophonist Romano Pratesi and his friend Ares Tavolazzi (on double bass) have been accomplices for the Rubber Band Live concerts, recorded in 2009 in Rome. This band has existed since 2007 (with D. Humair). It is a real auditory pleasure to listen to this formation that plays with energy and beautifulness, a music that goes from Coltrane to Ornette Coleman, through Liebman and his original compositions.

Romano Pratesi - Saxophone ténor, clarinette basse
Daniel Humair - Batterie
Ares Tavolazzi - Contrebasse
David Liebman – Soprano, saxophone ténor, flûte en bois
Adam Nussbaum - Batterie sur les titres marqués d'un (*)...  more


released April 9, 2012